13th TPW (2015) - Welcome

The 13th UK Technological Plasma Workshop will be held in Coventry alongside the Vacuum Symposium at the Vacuum Expo at the Ricoh Arena, on October 14th and 15th  2015.

While the scope of the workshop includes all areas of technological plasma science, part of the workshop will be focussed on around the theme: "Plasmas  - Large and Small".

Invited speakers representing different areas within this theme are:

  • Ian Chapman Culham - will discuss the opportunities for UK universities to be involved with the MAST-U experiment which should be commissioned by the end of 2016. He will also talk about possibilities for funding from the EU for work relating to fusion.


  • Alan Sykes Tokomak Energy Ltd. - OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES ON THE QUEST FOR COMPACT FUSION      an educational and informative presentation about the work we have been doing at Tokamak Energy over the past year  or so.


  • Additional speakers to follow:

Registration deadline:
Wednesday 7 October 2015